The Ride

Whether it be around the corner or a day away, music is a major part of my trip. Setting that perfect playlist, the blue print to a perfect ride!
Hosted by King. Premieres May 11th

Top 10 Countdown

Join us every week as we, count down the weeks top music videos.
Hosted by MaineOne. Premieres May 4th


This season, FenTV launches a series of shows dedicated to music, lifestyle and fashion. All new shows, interviews, news and even movies will help you identify with life and broaden your horizons.

Our "Spring Premiere" opens with the new talk show devoted specifically to the music of up-and-coming artist - "The Ride". Its main point will focus on artist development, personal trends, interests and of course the music!

May will be a remarkable month for the fans of animated series. New series called "Stu Lyfe" will be on air from May, 3rd.

Finally, in June an intriguing battle for hottest music video will be aired on the FenTV. People will have the chance to vote weekly on their favorite music videos. Everything from main stream to the underground.

If your interested in learning more, contact us via form on our website or write us an e-mail.

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