Tag: Big Young

BOP | Ep. 19

Episode 19 another week, another podcast. Welcome to the Butter Optional Podcast with ya boy KING and Big Young. We talk about the Dave Chapelle and Netflix conflict.

BOP | Ep. 18

Thats right, another week of shenanigans, from the BOP team. This week KING and Young discuss a world where robots are policing humans.

BOP | Ep. 17

Welcome to another episode of Butter Optional Podcast. This week KING is flying solo so he speaks about this experience with semen retention. KING gives the reason he started and the benefits of his 30 day journey.

BOP | Ep. 16

The Butter Optional Podcast is back at it again for another week, another episode. Welcome to episode 16, today Big Young comes with the question. Who would win in a game between old school NBA players vs. new school. Also if you had to get rid of 1 artist out of the 6 he listed who would it be. If you want the list you gotta listen!

BOP | Ep. 15

Welcome to episode 15 of the Butter Optional Podcast. This week Big Young ask the question do I think that Drake is as big as Michael Jackson in his prime. What will the future hold for movie theaters and selling your soul.

BOP | Ep. 14

What’s good and welcome to another episode of the Butter Optional Podcast. This week we talk about new music. With the release of Drake’s Certified Lover Boy and Kanye West’s Donda, the team give their opinion on the 2 albums. Who do you think had the better album?

BOP | Ep. 13

Welcome to BOP | Ep. 13 where this week we talk about the title “snitch”. Also KING tells a story about getting caught up at work and being asked to snitch.

BOP | Ep. 12

Another week, another episode of the Butter Optional Podcast. What do you think about the current state of Hip Hop? KING asks the question, why Hip Hop is the only genre of music that has a shelf life for its artist. Young gives us a run down on the policy change that OnlyFans had set up but is now suspending. All this and more on this weeks Butter Optional Podcast.