Tag: Butter Optional Podcast

BOP | Ep. 8

In this episode of the Butter Optional Podcast, Big Young talks about how he can’t grow a beard. Having an addictive personality and different food allergies.

BOP | Ep. 7

This week we discuss comedians being attacked in the new cancel culture, black people focusing on placing value in our own stuff, different views of religion.

BOP | Ep. 6

This week I explain to Young, my love for space travel, but my fear of the ocean. We talk about YouTube Influencer as a job and the potential for success. Big Young continues his hate on Soulja Boy again this week for being the first and expresses his future desire to fight Logan Paul?!?!

BOP | Ep. 5

This week we discuss mass shootings across the country, Bow Wow and Soulja Boy Versus, the heatwave, Bill Cosby’s release, and more!

BOP | Ep. 4

This week we discuss fitness plans for the team, the NBA Finals, police brutality, and more!

BOP | Ep. 3

This week we discuss the Cicadas takeover, Paul vs. Mayweather, the use of the N-word, and some other fun stuff.

BOP | Ep. 2

This week we discuss the recent waves of violence, transgenders in sports, the stock market, and Big Youngs’ Birthday and his Twitch account.

BOP | Ep. 1

Thank you for joining us for our first podcast! This week we discuss Covid restrictions being lifted, vaccinations, UFO, new music, J. Cole playing ball, etc.