Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 15

Yes sir, it’s another week of Tuesday TiffBitz with your favorite podcast team Missta Wavy and KING. In this week’s episode, we get into being a fence straggler. A term Wavy coined is a person that can’t make up their mind and are always on the fence.

Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 14

Welcome to episode 14 of Tuesday TiffBitz. This week the team talks about the holiday season and traditional foods, music and event, we look forward to each year.

BOP | Ep. 19

Episode 19 another week, another podcast. Welcome to the Butter Optional Podcast with ya boy KING and Big Young. We talk about the Dave Chapelle and Netflix conflict.

Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 13

Welcome back to another episode of Tuesday TiffBitz with Missta Wavy and KING. This week the team talks sports betting. Wavy talks about her love/hate relationship with betting.

BOP | Ep. 18

Thats right, another week of shenanigans, from the BOP team. This week KING and Young discuss a world where robots are policing humans.

Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 12

Thank you for joining another episode of Tuesday TiffBitz. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she’s back, Wavy is in the building this week. This week we keep in the relationship realm and talk to the couples about keeping the relationship fresh.

Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 11

Episode 11 when the Wavy away, we come out and play. Because Wavy unfortunately out again this week, KING decided to highjack the podcast and speak to the fellas about relationships.

BOP | Ep. 17

Welcome to another episode of Butter Optional Podcast. This week KING is flying solo so he speaks about this experience with semen retention. KING gives the reason he started and the benefits of his 30 day journey.

Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 10

Another episode of Tuesday TiffBitz. This week Wavy isn’t feeling well so KING does the show on his own. We continue this week with the months theme of Breast Cancer Awareness. KING has a few facts for you and tries to educate you Breast Cancer.

BOP | Ep. 16

The Butter Optional Podcast is back at it again for another week, another episode. Welcome to episode 16, today Big Young comes with the question. Who would win in a game between old school NBA players vs. new school. Also if you had to get rid of 1 artist out of the 6 he listed who would it be. If you want the list you gotta listen!