Tag: Missta Wavy

Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 8

Do you believe in you? This is the question and this weeks Tuesday TiffBitz. Wavy and KING go into the conversation and also discuss personal experiences where they’ve questioned their own beliefs.

Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 7

Perception is reality, are you the type of person who see’s the glass half empty or glass half full? This week’s Tuesday TiffBitz topic, continuing on with SELF.

Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 6

Setting up your environment for success is the TiffBit for the week. Wavy explains how her work space is prepped for success, with the help from her partner.

Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 5

Kicking off the new month, we continue with Self. This week we go into making new changes to create new opportunities. As the saying goes, old keys don’t open new doors! Stop in to hear advice from both Wavy and KING, that just might help you out. YOU GONNA LEARN TODAY!!