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Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 5

Kicking off the new month, we continue with Self. This week we go into making new changes to create new opportunities. As the saying goes, old keys don’t open new doors! Stop in to hear advice from both Wavy and KING, that just might help you out. YOU GONNA LEARN TODAY!!

Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 4

Wrapping up this month’s Self Care segment. Wavy hits us with being resilient and being able to move through any obstacle.

Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 3

Rejection is sometimes a tough pill to swallow, but it can go down so much smoother if you, learn how to break it down into smaller pieces. This week we continue our self-care journey by embracing the word “NO”. Learning how to say “NO” and how to accept being told “NO”.

Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 2

Self Care is key, and this week Wavy continues with this subject. The word of the week is “Purpose” and how we should try to find our purpose, listen with purpose and speak with purpose. Self-love is very important when trying to navigate through our lives. So be sure to hug yourself and strive to be a better person each day!

Tuesday TiffBitz | Ep. 1

Welcome to the first episode of Tuesday TiffBitz with Missta Wavy & KING! We dive right in with advice on self-love and finding yourself. Wavy gives her weekly TiffBit, going into the concept of creating your own village of people that connect with you and want to move in the same direction. All that plus taco recipes, tips, and tricks to help you through life.